We TALK about the Newporter at Newporter 40 Together, another Newporter site.  We consider N40T, as we call it, to be the site for all Newporter owners to go to, and join, as a gathering place to learn about some interesting happenings in the World of Newporters
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This is a place for all Lovers of Newporters and those who may have just acquired an interest. This forty foot ketch is from the mind of C. E. "Ack" Ackerman. He built a Murray Peterson designed 42 foot schooner, named her "Island Girl," then sailed the south seas for a couple of years or so. During this time he designed his dreamboat on which he wanted to "retire" and continue his sailing. Before he got his boat built he sold three, and thus began the Legend of the Newporter. Come aboard and find information on this beautiful vessel, learn something about its construction, ask questions, dream your dreams, and enjoy these fine boats in your mind if not under your feet.

It is hoped that you enjoy your time in the Yard. Updates will be made on a non-scheduled basis to add to what we now have here, to add new areas of construction, and to include answers to incoming questions that are of a general interest.  All questions will be answered via email replies to those who ask the questions, whether they are of a general interest or apply only to the needs of the questioner.

Feel free to make copies of anything you find in the Yard. You can then print it for a handy source of study to help you in your endeavors or just do you studying on the computer. There's no sense in us going to the effort to build the Yard and then limit its use. So use to the full anything you see here and if what your need is not to be found, ask questions and we'll see what we can do to help you.

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Click "Newporter 40 Together" to go to another site for Newporters. N40T is a forum where you can read most of it without joining.  Or, you can join to post articles and pictures, comment on other articles and ask questions. I urge you to join if you will be going back to it, because you will want to join some of the discussions.  I like N40T and almost always start there every time I start my computer.

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This "Newporter Shipyard"

I make no apologies that though this site is built on a blog framework I developed it to be used as an information website. You can read it, but you can't join it, post on it, or communicate with others through it. That is purely by design.  If you have a subject you think will enhance the usefulness of this site and want it published herein, write an article and email it to me.  If I agree with you on its value (which is most likely) I will put it on the site, verbatim or somewhat edited.  You will have the chance to pass judgment on my editing before it is added to the site.  Bare in mind that this site started as a telling of how the Newporter was built new.  N40T is the site where rebuilding is covered, so you may want to post it there.  If your questions are concerning rebuilding check in with N40T to see if an answer is already given on that site.  The two sites are not in competition, we are complimentary, and the owners of the two sites are good friends.  Though both sites are centered on the Newporter, N40T is about older boat repairs and rebuilds while this site is about original construction.

Who am I?  Do I know anything about Newporters?  I would only call myself a Newporter Expert if it just happens that I know more about them than you do.  But, during their New Jersey hayday I spent a great deal of time with them.  I made a couple or three transoms, made the masts, booms, and bowsprits of many, assembled several sets of chines, some aprons and house tops, made many house sides, decks, and side and bottom planks, built a few sets of frames, and even turned down a few sets of stanchions for the taff rails without a duplicator.  My second favorite job on Newporters was the position of rigger, where I made up all the standing and running rigging, rigged and tuned the rigs, and bent on the sails.  My Number One Favorite "job" (I would have done this without pay) was being the demonstration and delivery captain.  If records were kept I would challenge everyone to the rank of number one in total number of different Newporters I've sailed.  But, alas, records were not kept, so we do not know who holds that distinction.  What qualifies me to pontificate on the Newporter is my experience with them and my love for them.  I will do my best to answer all questions I get, and even some I do not get.

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